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  • Software Development

    We analyze and optimize your business processes, determine the requirements, develop the software solution, and provide installation and operation.

  • Infrastructure and System Integration

    We design your information system architecture in accordance with your needs, supply the required products, and provide set-up & operation in accordance with your topology.

  • Technical Documentation Authoring

    We prepare your technical documentation needs in compliance with S1000D and legal requirements , and provide effective management of all your processes, from printing to document delivery.

  • Material Codification

    We offer services to address all of your material codification needs as the exclusive authorized sales agent of DOKU, the codification software used by the Turkish National Codification Bureau.

  • Technical Service

    We provide the installation of your infrastructure and system, periodic control, intervention in case of failure, and optimization of your system both on site and remotely with our skilled technical staff.

  • Technology & Defense Consulting Services

    We provide consulting services in the Turkish defense sector through our subject-matter experts in areas such as information technology, infrastructure, software solutions, and logistics.

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