DeskFor Product Family

DeskFor Series Product Family

DeskFor Product Family

DeskFor is a software product family that automates small and medium-sized enterprises' project, service, quality, human resources, and customer relationship management processes.

  • Automates businesses with its user-friendly interface
  • Compatible with different requirements both on-premise and in the cloud

What is DeskForHR?

It is a web-based application where companies can make personnel plan, personnel tracking and budget adjustment, that is, applications belonging to Human Resources.


What can you do with DeskForHR?

Monitoring of personal files
Ability to schedule personnel leaves
Monitoring of personnel leaves
Associating the personnel with the company organization
Monitoring staff salaries
Monitoring the position salary scalesn

Who can use DeskForHR?

Features of DeskForHR

Cloud and On-Premise Solution

Dynamic Design

Web Application

Working Schedule

Permission Rules

Authority Management


Organization Description

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