S Series Product Family

S Series Product Family

Forte Integrated Product Support Suite (FORIPS) enables organizations to manage their integrated product support activities in compliance with international S-Series standards.

  • FORIPS consists of five products: FORSDOC-S1000D compatible technical documentation software, FORSMM-S2000M compatible material management solution, FORSPLAN-integrated product support process management platform, FORSANALYSIS- S3000L compatible logistics support analysis solution and FORSMAINTENANCE-S4000P compatible maintenance optimization tool.

What is FOR-SMM?

FOR-SMM is a web-based application that enables you to manage all material and support equipment in compliance with the NATO Codification System, starting from the product design.


Who can use FOR-SMM?


NATO Codification Module compatible with AcodP-1

Integration with the National Codification Bureau

Automatic synchronization of material information to technical documents

Pricing and procurement information

Up-to-date access to the NATO Master Catalogue of References for Logistics (NMCRL)

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