Forte has a competent human resource profile from its founders to its managers and staff, who have gained knowledge and experience both in the information and communication sectors and related industries.

We want to include human resources with whom we share our common goals, such as a happy work environment, being able to produce freely and acting as a team rather than individually, and we want to offer solutions together.

Recruitment Process

Our recruitment methods at Forte are divided into three sections.

  • 1.

    Following the evaluation of your applications, our human resources department conducts a preliminary interview.

  • 2.

    If your preliminary meeting is affirmative, technical meetings are organized by our team leaders or project managers.

  • 3.

    If our technical meetings are affirmative, we move on to the bidding phase

In the case that our processes are unfavorable, we provide feedback to our candidates by e-mail without wasting time. In order for our candidates to evaluate both their human resources interview and their technical interviews, we send and evaluation form to our company and our friends who participated in the interview after each meeting so that they can share their experiences during the interview. Our aim is always to provide the highest level of satisfaction to our candidates who spare their precious time for us.

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Experienced Professionals

Experienced professionals find the opportunity to work with a knowledgeable and experienced team consisting of experts like themselves. Our technical knowledge in the information and communication sectors, our understanding of quality and honesty, and our perspective that includes different disciplines enable us to serve our customers in the most effective way. Our experienced teammates contribute to both themselves and the company by constantly improving themselves by creating work areas and opportunities suitable for their careers.

As experienced professionals, would you like to share your years of work experience and knowledge in the information and communication sectors with us at Forte and create a brighter future together?

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Career Planning

Forte ensures a career plan that coordinates individual goals with company goals for all its employees. In this context, it aims to improve the current qualifications and abilities of the employees and to prepare them for future positions.