We provide unique and strategic support to businesses by working proactively so that businesses can maintain their information technology environments uninterrupted, risk-free, and with maximum performance.

  • Proactive
  • Preventive
  • Strategic
  • High Prioritized
  • Inclusive

Which Systems Do We Address?

  • High prioritized,
  • High continuity requiring,
  • Real time working,
  • Processing high volumes of data,
  • Assisting to decision support systems are database systems that we support.

Our Added Values

  • Cost Effectiveness

  • Facility and Personnel Security Certificate

  • Manufacturer Independent Perspective

  • Domestic and National Solution

Strategic Database Consulting Competencies

  • Detailed and Continuous Observation

    • Performance reviews
    • System/OS/Cluster/DB Log monitoring
    • Observation of user habits
    • Determination of application characteristics
    Detailed and Continuous Observation
  • Performance Monitoring & Management

    • Optimizing your queries
    • Optimizing system performance
    • Parameter/Patch usage
    Performance Monitoring & Management
  • Problem Prediction & Prevention

    • Predicting potential problems
    • Detection of anomalies in systems
    • Monitoring potential problems and system performance before and after upgrading hardware/OS/DB/Application to a new version
    • Follow-up of released critical patches
    Problem Prediction & Prevention
  • Regular Analysis & Reporting

    • System configuration monitoring
    • Extracting usage statistics<
    • High availability reports<
    • Redundancy review<
    • Security review and reports<
    Regular Analysis & Reporting
  • Institution-Specific Review/ Design/ Solutions

    • Institutional needs analysis
    • End-to-end system design
    • Manufacturer-independent company-specific solutions
    • Planning/realization/monitoring of proposed solutions
    Institution-Specific Review/ Design/ Solutions
  • Monitoring Field Technology & Trends

    • Development in the field of database and new technology monitoring
    • Informing customers about new trends
    Monitoring Field Technology & Trends
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions

    • Detecting possible disaster scenarios
    • Creating and reporting scenario-based solutions
    • Testing scenarios at certain periods
    Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Change & Transformation Support

    • Analysis of the current system
    • Target system compatibility detection
    • End-to-end migration planning
    • Pass tests and detection of potential problems
    Change & Transformation Support