IT Service Management is a set of service management procedures that are applied globally and widely in the IT sector of Information Services, where the main business functions of organizations work.

What does IT Technologies provide you?


    It provides end-to-end management of Information Services operated in organizations, including all information systems components.


    It helps organizations design and run their business processes as a whole, based on how they manage their information systems.


    It makes it possible to manage information system resources (human, money, etc.) in organizations in a way that includes current and future needs.


Advantages of ITSM Application

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    Provides optimum staff productivity

    Provides optimum staff productivity

    Defines processes running on IT units and functions

    Associates the defined processes with each other

    While ensuring the uninterrupted operation of IT processes, it provides the opportunity to purchase services in case of personnel shortages.

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    Provides maximum enterprise productivity

    Provides maximum enterprise productivity

    Return on Investment (RoI)

    It maximizes the efficiency to be obtained from the IT investments made.

    Customer Happiness

    It increases the satisfaction of IT users at all levels inside and outside the organization

What is ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library)?

It is a Service Management Methodology that has been developed by the leading organizations in the IT industry since the 1980s and can be applied globally in large, medium, and small businesses.

It is the most widely applied information services management methodology used globally within the scope of ITSM.

It is an international standard that guides IT employees and managers to make the most of IT service management.

What are the Benefits of ITIL?

  • What are the Benefits of ITIL?

    IT units, responsibilities, and relationships can be broken down into defined functional parts and modularly outsourced in the event of staff shortages.

  • What are the Benefits of ITIL?

    Possible unplanned service interruptions can be reduced as a result of all kinds of changes to the IT infrastructure and applications running on it.

  • What are the Benefits of ITIL?

    The activity status (ITOM-IT Operations Management) of the service components that make up the IT Services can be monitored 24/7 through a single unit.

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