DeskFor Product Family

DeskFor Series Product Family

DeskFor Product Family

DeskFor is a software product family that automates small and medium-sized enterprises' project, service, quality, human resources, and customer relationship management processes.

  • Automates businesses with its user-friendly interface
  • Compatible with different requirements both on-premise and in the cloud

What is DeskForPM?

DeskForPM is web-based software application that manage effectively from the project initiation to the closing of the project, besides cost and cash flows can be monitored during all processes.


What can you do with DeskForPM?

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Project Management

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    Acceptance of the lead's transition to the project and assignment to a project manager initiate the project.

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    Project manager can request approvals in accordance with the company's defined procedures by drafting the project's feasibility and budget.

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    Personnel costs can be calculated based on the information received from DeskForHR, and all costs accrued outside the company can also be monitored.

  • 4

    Deviations can be monitored instantly based on the project's feasibility.

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Currency Management

Costs may be accrued in different currencies in some projects. DeskForPM easily handles currency exchange and reports all cash flows in selected currency by the user.

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Project Calendar

Project calendar can be created as a gantt chart, and tasks can be assigned to each unit. Assignments can be made within DeskForPM or can be pulled automatically from Jira or Team Foundation Server with one-click.

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Man-Hour Calculator

The man-hours occurred on the project are computed using the personnel salary data acquired from the DeskForHR application, and the project's cost can be displayed in real time. According to the organizational structure, the team leaders and project manager have the authority to approve personnel man-hour data.

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Expense Management

Project related expenses can be submitted by the personnel to accounting unit. Expenditures related to the project are reimbursed by the accounting department.

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Budget Management

All indirect costs occurred by other departments of the company can be assigned to projects with respect to the cost-allocation formula defined by the user.

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Financial Management

The company's financial projection and cash flow can be generated based on the income and expense information collected from all projects. This enables managers to make sound financial decisions.


Both On-Premise and in the Cloud

Customizable Dynamic Design

Fully Accessible

Financial Decision Support

Task Management

Budget Monitoring

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