Investor Relations

Partnership Structure

Shareholder Group A Shares Group B Shares Total Capital
Amount (TL) Ratio (%) Amount (TL) Ratio (%) Amount (TL) Ratio (%)
Ali Celal ASİLTÜRK1.950.000,002,9116.950.000,0025,3018.900.000,0028,21
Hasan Cengiz BAYRAK1.950.000,002,9114.250.000,0021,2716.200.000,0024,18
Ebubekir BALIKÇI1.950.000,002,917.950.000,0011,879.900.000,0014,78
Other (Public)0,000,0022,000.000,0032,8422,000.000,0032,84

Information on Preferred Shares

Privilege to Nominate Candidates to the Board of Directors

Half of the members of the company's Board of Directors are selected from among the candidates determined by the A group shareholders.

Concession on Voting

At the General Assembly meetings, the shareholders or their proxies present have 5 (five) votes for each (A) Group share and 1 (one) vote for each (B) Group share.

There is no voting privilege regarding B group shares.