New applications are added to corporate infrastructures every day. Storage requirements are increasing in parallel with the number of users and business volumes. Forte creates solutions to meet your storage needs in the most efficient way with it's Storage Management service.

  • Forte experts; optimally plans storage solutions for demanding applications

    Forte experts; It plans storage solutions consisting of hybrids and SSDs (Solid State Disks) for performance-demanding applications, and storage solutions consisting of traditional mechanical disks for archives for institutions.

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  • Forte provides on-site support and service for storage systems

    Forte, like all IT systems, provides on-site support and service for storage systems. In storage systems, it is to minimize the problems that may occur and to ensure that the devices always work in the most efficient way.

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  • Forte works closely with the world's best hardware and software manufacturers

    Forte has personnel experienced in storing equipment within the company. It provides supply, installation, and after-sales support services for hardware products of all sizes that an institution may need in terms of data storage.

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