Today, the virtualization management service is considered one of the basic system management elements. Thanks to the virtualization solutions that enable more than one operating system and application to work in isolation from each other on a single piece of hardware, the investment in the hardware is fully transformed into efficiency, while Forte offers the management and support of this process as a service package. Thanks to the virtualization environments established in a redundant structure, the risk of service interruption is minimized.

  • Savings in hardware costs
  • Minimizing the risk of service interruption
  • Saving space and electricity
  • Ease of management

Our Workflow

  • 1.

    Resources that can no longer be utilised in servers and data storage items are brought back to life with virtualization solutions. In other words, more work is being accomplished with fewer resources.

  • 2.

    Server virtualization is activated when necessary, thanks to redundant (cluster) structures, ensuring that services continue uninterrupted or with minimum interruption.

  • 3.

    Consolidation is defined as running some applications on the same server so that you can use your servers more efficiently and manage them more easily. In case of a pause in the server, it is tried to keep the system standing.

Some Reference Institutions

T.R. Ministry of Health
 T.R. Ministry of Justice

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