Servers provide the necessary processing power for the applications used by institutions to run. At least as important as high performance and efficiency, the servers that run the software projects implemented by the institutions should have strong service support. Forte provides accessibility, backup, and performance services to institutions that need high performance with its server management-oriented solutions and services.

  • Makes necessary updates and patch transitions
  • Closes security vulnerabilities
  • Manages resources
  • Reinstalls the operating system when necessary
  • Provides server services to provide 7x24 service
Forte provides restoration services as part of server image and file system reconstruction.

Server backup management can be implemented as active/passive or active/active at the operating system level. Thanks to these structures, interruptions are minimized with at least two servers serving.

  • Forte provides services within the scope of server performance management

    • Edits and auto-monitors threshold values
    • Automatically reports server problems
    • Automatic Service Desk sends notifications
    • Sends Level 1/2/3 notifications
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  • Forte provides the service where the relations between the manufacturer and the company are managed on behalf of the institutions

    Forte, which enables the management of relations with manufacturers in case of problems related to server products, renews contracts and maintenance agreements, and provides license compliance management.

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