Information Security Policy

Forte which provides service to Turkey’s leading institutions and organizations, makes a difference with its information security policies as well as its technology and human power.

As Forte, our Information Security Policy is designed to reduce the risks associated with information security in all of our activities;

  • Compliance with standards and legal regulations;

    • Fulfilling the requirements of the TS ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System standard and continuous improvement of the system,
    • Acting in accordance with information security principles,
    • Complying with the legal regulations regarding information security and contractual obligations to which we are a party,
  • Sustainability;

    • Protecting information assets that are valuable to the company and ensuring their use at acceptable levels,
    • Ensuring the continuity of the company’s operations and support business activities with minimum interruption,
  • Managing risks;

    • Identifying and systematically managing risks to the security of information assets,
  • Creating awareness of information security;

    • Creating information security awareness for all stakeholders,
    • Informing all personnel within the scope of information security and taking necessary trainings,
    • Acting with the awareness of ‘need-to-know’ in internal and external activities.