Human Resources Policy

Forte which provides service to Turkey’s leading institutions and organizations, makes a difference with its human resources policies as well as its technology and human power.

As Forte, our Human Resources Policy in order to create a management approach that constantly analyzes personnel needs, creates value and adapts quickly to changing conditions;

  • Creating a working environment that will create motivation and commitment;

    • Creating peaceful, happy and healthy working environment,
    • Maintaining the right person for the right job, the right business policy for the right person at all levels,
    • Equal opportunity for everyone,
  • Contributing to the continuous development of the personnel in line with the company goals;

    • Ensuring that every staff member is a staff that creates added-value,
    • Increasing the level of self-awareness
    • Having a modern, innovative, dynamic and corporate organizational structure,
  • Adoption of ‘open door’ principle;

    • No restriction on freedom of thought,
  • Maintaining the dignity of staff and staff-senior management;

    • Keeping the differences and richness together and keeping them alive,
    • Evaluation of success according to measurable performance and demonstrated competencies.