Environmental Policy

Forte which provides service to Turkey’s leading institutions and organizations, makes a difference with its environmental policies as well as its technology and human power.

As Forte, our Enviromental Policy in order to minimize our internal and external factors affecting enviromental pollution;

  • Compliance with standards and legal regulations;

    • Establishing a management system in accordance with the requirements of the TS ISO/IEC 14001 Enviromental Management System standard,
    • Ensuring the continuous development and improvement of the created system,
    • Working in accordance with legal conditions and regulations,
  • Effective and rational use of resources;

    • Establishing a management model that will ensure the most efficient use of energy and natural resources,
    • Minimizing our wastes with the effective use of resources and disposing of systematically collected wastes in accordance with the Enviromental Management System standard,
  • Creating enviromental awareness in our company employees;

    • Organizing enviromental training and awareness-raising activities inside and outside the company and supporting such acitivities.