Quality Policy

Forte who is providing service to Turkey’s leading institutions and organizations makes a difference with its quality policies as well as its technology and human power.

  • Value to the customer

    Forte who knows that it has come to this day with the value it gives to its customers, places customer satisfaction above all else.

  • Quality product & service

    Forte who believes that quality products and services will shape the future, acts with its superior service policy.

  • Compliance with legal requirements

    Forte which acts with awareness of information technology security criteria, offers its customers products and services that comply with national and NATO facility security requirements.

  • In-company continuous training

    Forte which always aims one step ahead, conducts continuous trainings for its teams.

  • Contiunity in R&D studies

    Forte keeps up with the demands of the day by following developments and renewing its products and services on a regular basis.

  • After sales service

    Forte which makes a difference with its after-sales services as well as sales, never leaves its customers alone.

  • Solution-oriented approach

    In the face of any challenge, Forte which believes that mistakes are a part of development, employs a solution-oriented philosophy.

  • 24/7 support

    Forte always stands by its customers with its expert team of engineers and technicians; it offers 24/7 support.